Glass Mosaic Mix

Glass Mosaic Mix
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Glass Mosaic Mix

Mosaic mix is a pattern made of different colors and kinds of glasses. On the first sight it seems this pattern is chaotic. But in a point of fact this chaotic pattern brings some ease and unobtrusiveness to any interior.

Our customer may order disigner's varians or order own combinations of colors.
Mosaic being the oldest and the most practical way to decorate a dwelling doesn’t lose its positions in decorating modern hoses nowadays. Mosaic floorings were found while excavating in China, Egypt, Greece, and South America. People use mosaic widely appreciating its operational qualities.
To decorate your flat with the mosaic means to forget about its repair till the moment you would like to change it. Also it means exclusivity. We represent to the European market only our best collections. A characteristic feature of the mosaic is its applying in decorating the figure surfaces and in places where the water tightness is needed. Glass mosaic has many different advantages but it’s worthless to tell about them it’s worth just to look at it to understand its everything you need.
We offer only classic glass mosaic which is usually topical and looks modern and differently depending on the lightning.
You may choose among our standard kinds or order your own variant.
Have a good luck with the mosaic, memorize only it does not matter where you would use it in swimming pool or decorate your fireplace. Life and seasons would change but your mosaic would have the same colors as in the day you installed it.

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