Glass decoration technologies

Glass decoration technologies
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Glass decoration technologies

DanCo Décor Company offers a new presentation program. The program consists of the most advanced technologies in glass decoration emerged on the world market or was developed by the experts of the company in 2012.

The program provides customers with a set of samples of decorated glassware, made with the help of new technologies which have not been used for decoration of any brands. These samples were developed by a professional team of technicians, engineers and colorists of DanCo Décor. They reflect new global trends in glass decoration and the research results carried out by company specialists. Presentation is supplied with information explaining the essence of each innovation, its visual effects and highlights. For a better idea about all the benefits of new technologies, some of the décor samples of well known alcohol brands were made in terms of alternative decoration solutions. Thus, the existing brand is presented in a very unusual and revolutionary form which gives the item a new look.

This presentation program refers to designers, marketing experts and managers of drinks producers. It allows all interested experts to get acquainted with the new trends in decoration in a short time and clearly imagine how innovative solutions can be applied to create new spirits brands.

Over the past few years, DanCo Décor Company has got the reputation of a leader in glass decoration in Ukraine and in the whole CIS area. The company develops the classic technology (screen printing, chemical frosting), and developes new methods of decoration (printing with UV enamels, multi-coating, pad printing). Several years ago, first in the CIS it has adopted a new method of decorating which is called hot foil stamping and applied it on a bottle of vodka «Rada». Last year the company was the first in the former Soviet Union to have mastered the technique of electrostatic paint with temperature-sensitive paints and decorated a bottle of vodka "Khortytsa ICE».
For more information about the program please contact Anna Medvedeva on the telephone number 38057714 97 39.

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