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Glass ball drop testing device

Glass ball drop testing device
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Glass ball drop testing device

Function: Determination of whether the safety glazing material has a certain minimum strength and cohesion under impact from a small hard object

Suitable for impact test of safety glass and tempered glass.

Related Standard:

ISO 3537Road vehicles — Safety glazing materials — Mechanical tests– Clause 6: 227 g ball test, Clause 7:2260 g ball test
GB 15763.3 Safety glazing materials in building Part 3:Laminated glass–Appendix B Drop ball impact specimen support

Technical Data:

Hardened steel ball:

2260g ± 20g, diameter of approximately 82mm

1040g ± 10g, diameter of approximately 63 mm

227g ± 2g, diameter of approximately 38 mm

Steel ball adsorption mode: Electrocircuit controlled electromagnet suction cup

Lifting and lowering mode of control lever: manual or automatic

Drop height of steel ball: 1m /3m/5m/12m, customizable

Supporting fixture:
Support size: 350mm*350mm and 660mm*660mm (Customized)
Frame width: 15mm
Steel box height: 150mm
Rubber gasket: thickness 3mm, width 15mm, hardness shore A50
Interposed sheet of rubber: thickness 3mm, hardness shore A50
Applied Test Pieces Size: 300mm*300mm and 610mm* 610mm

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