Funding for project owners

Funding for project owners
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Funding for project owners

Funding project owners for viable projects. No fees of any kind such as upfront, success, etc. Client deal direct with Funder after we set it up. Client pay us.

Funding for Project Owners. We have Good track records. Just closed US$ 1 Billion worth of deals. (2014/2015) verifiable.

No Upfront fees. No success fee. No Fees of any kind. We are paid by the Funder.

No Collaterals (but lots of paperwork for lender to ascertain project financial viability).

Project must be financially viable (profitable)

Project must be manpower intensive (putting people to work or back to work.)

At appropriate time, we arrange for you to deal direct with the Funder

Minimum amount: US$50 Million

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