Fully continuous pyrolysis plant FC-24

Fully continuous pyrolysis plant FC-24
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Fully continuous pyrolysis plant FC-24

Fully continuous pyrolysis plant FC-24 is designed for non-stop recycling of hydrocarbon-containing waste such as:
-used tires
-rubber waste
-plastic waste (except PVC and PET)
-oil sludge, oily textile.
All parts of FC-24 pyrolysis plant placed in standard containers, so no need installation, any buildings and foundation.

Operation mode of the FC-24 plant is fully continuous type, it can work 24 hours 365 day.
Plant capacity is 0,7 - 2 ton/hour (17-48 ton per day), it depends on the type of raw material(waste) and it’s moisture.
FC-24 pyrolysis plant has continuous feeding raw material and continuous discharging carbon black residue.
The principle of equipment is based on technology of low-temperature pyrolysis with further condensation of pyrolysis gas. Pyrolysis gas goes throw condensers, cooling and became a liquid (fuel oil). Non-condensable gas always heat reactor. External fuel (heating oil) is required only once to start continuous process. Plant FC-24 use indirect heating method.

Technical parameters of FC-24 plant:
Raw material capacity, ton/hour: 0,7 - 2
Maximum power consumption , kW/hour, 380V, 50 Hz:130
Average power consumption , kW/hour, 380V, 50 Hz:100
Working pressure, kPa:1-5
Reactors working temperature, C:450
Cooling water consumption, m3 /hour: 6
-If use end cooling system with air coolers:0
Workers: 4
Weight, ton: 30
Area, m2: 350
Delivery: three container 40ftHC

The main product of FC-24 plant is fuel oil (pyrolysis oil)-45% which can be used directly as heating oil, and also can be a raw material for the production gasoline and diesel.
Also we can provide separate cooling system and special catalyst module to make gasoline and diesel directly.
Other products are carbon black-35% and metal (for tires)-15%.

Please contact us for more information.

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