Fuel saver

Fuel saver
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Fuel saver

1. Brand : Power synergy
2. Origin : Made in Korea
3. Function
- Gas saver for vehicle : Passenger, truck, mini-bus
- Energy saver for ship : Huge horse power of engines
- Energy conservative for manufacturing facilities
- Fuel saver: Home

1. Product Instruction
POWER SYNERGY is produced from a specialized material with a far-infrared rays to be radiated the light and heat wave which is extracted from Magma and Power. Several kinds of new composition such as Nitride, Oxide, Garbide are mixed with a microorganism and its tobe treated at a high temperature (over 1000 degrees celsius) and provided a plastic deformation. In the instant of passing of the fuel, it should be dissolved into a minute particles and a fine structure like as vapor gas. By these activities, the system can be found the following results.
a. Decreasing of exhaust gas throughout the perfect combustion of the fuel.
b. Increasing the output power and saving the fuel.
Furthermore, the far infrared rays (7-20 microns) and the wave-length vibration with a negative ion(8, 000) which are from radiated light and heat wave bring about a sympathy and a resonance, and that will be activated for the treatment object and refrained from oxidation. Generally, POWER SYNERGY is a hastening device for the complete combustion of the automobile from a new technology and new intentions and it gives a high efficiency with a low carbon.

2. Product Features
a. POWER SYNERGY is a particular and specific device with an original technology that would be treated a specialized material/substance with a far-infrared which radiates the light-heat wave, which would be extracted from Magma as a mineral, at high temperature.
b. POWER SYNERGY has a light-catalyst filter with extreme particular specialized materials. When the fuel passes through the device, POWER SYNERGY the light-catalyst filter instantaneously makes it happen the indifferent response of material particles. With such this response can generate not only an Improvement of Fuel Efficiency but also Improvement of Auto Engine Power Out-put and Fuel Saving as well.
c. POWER SYNERGY is only one device with the latest innovative and unique technology in these days.

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