FSB Fluoroplastic alloy chemical industry pump

FSB Fluoroplastic alloy chemical industry pump
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FSB Fluoroplastic alloy chemical industry pump

Fluoroplastic alloy chemical industry centrifugal pump
FSB Series fluoroplastic alloy chemical centrifugal pump has two connections between the pump and motor(FSB-L and FSB-D). FSB-L is for shaft couple connection between the pump and motor and FSB-D is for closed couple between the pump and motor. Pump casings and impellers and mechanical seals for two connection can be exchanged in application

FSB pumps flow parts which contacts liquids are made of fluoroplastic(F46) and so they have the advantages such as excellent corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, no aging and no toxin decomposition and also compact structure, easy operation with low price etc. They are widely used to transfer random acid, alkali, salt and strong oxidant etc corrosive liquids. Operating temperature: -20 degree celsius to 100 degree Celsius. The pump is fitted with bellows mechanical seal and no leakage as the good pump equipment.

FSB Series pumps are widely used to transfer liquids in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, pickling, dye, paint, smelting, paper making, electroplating, food and other industries.

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