Fresh white chicken eggs/ fresh brown chicken eggs

Fresh white chicken eggs/ fresh brown chicken eggs
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Fresh white chicken eggs/ fresh brown chicken eggs

With our experience in dairy and poultry products, we are ready to offer you our fresh, cleaned chicken eggs (high quality).
1. White eggshell
2. Brown eggshell.
Egg size:
40 - 45 grams
45 - 50 grams
50 - 55 grams
55 - 60 grams
65 - 70 grams
30 eggs laid in a paper tray,
12 trays in a ply carton
360 eggs in a carton
1312 carton in 40 ft reefer fcl
4,72,320 eggs per 40 ft reefer container
360 eggs/carton
532 cartons/20fcl
1312 cartons/40fcl
If you would like to order, please e-mail us for more information asap.

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