Fresh green cavendish banana

Fresh green cavendish banana
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Fresh green cavendish banana

The bananas we export are carefully selected by our team and then packed under our registered brand S.A.B.M(SOCIETE AGRICOLE DES BANANE MORDENE CAMEROUN) Fresh Banana’. We source the bananas from banana plantations in south west and parts of littoral regions of the republic of Cameroon especially the ones grown around Mount Cameroon.We have adopted 100% drip irrigation technology and have chosen a suitable area with an ideal climatic condition to cultivate the bananas. All the bananas are of same origin, variety and quality. We use hygienic containers to pack the bananas.

There is a huge demand for fresh Cavendish banana across the world. S.A.B.M Fresh Banana is cultivated with all technical assistance required to produce fruit that meets our quality specifications. Our farm is one of the largest Green Cavendish cultivating areas in the country adopting cent per cent drip irrigation technology and most ideal climatic condition for cultivating banana surrounded by Hills and mount Cameroon itself.

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