FreeWAD The design of the NEW industry

FreeWAD The design of the NEW industry
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FreeWAD The design of the NEW industry

I am willing to consider any proposals for cooperation or sale of the project as the intellectual value that includes a know - how, design and all rights to this project.

FreeWAD World Active Drive

Ekzoskafandr created for of an independent, high-speed and comfort, the most secure, beautiful vehicles, representing a show by their appearance.
Personal vehicle for daily travel, sports and tourism.

Intellectual structure converts the force of the impact of leg muscles , arms, body weight for the translational motion. Know - how in this project is its driving element without fuel. Element gives an instant increase in speed, it starts to work after connecting the two components and becomes neutral in their separation.
Exoskeleton has electricity generators not to take power from the drive. Standard features include: lights, direction indicators , decorative lighting , electronic cooler internal space heater , electric drive transparent parts of the helmet. Protecting the body is composed of carboxylic plates and pneumatic exoskeleton.

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