Flexible Packaging Solutions

Flexible Packaging Solutions
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Flexible Packaging Solutions

We are one of the high quality flexible packaging materials manufacturer in India. Printed laminates made by Rotogravure process, printed in upto eight colors depending on the barrier properties and shelf life of the product required.

Multi layer laminates of various
combinations ranging single layer to five layers such as Pet -Poly, Pet -Metpet -Poly, Bopp -Extrusion laminate -Metpet -Poly, Bopp -Bopp, Pet -Bopp etc., to pack products such as biscuits, candies, chocolates, potato chips, snacks etc.

Laminated rolls and laminated pouches are made in various combinations of pet / bopp / poly films etc to suit your products and are manufactured using advanced lamination process to achieve optimum result at most economical costs. Pouches can be: zipper, gusset, pillow, center seal, stand up, 3 side seal, 5 side seal D- Pouch etc.

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