Firebrick, brick, rustic brick, refractory brick

Firebrick, brick, rustic brick, refractory brick
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Firebrick, brick, rustic brick, refractory brick

* Brick Sandstone Massif
* Pressed Bricks
* Rustic Brick
* Rustic Decorative Bricks
* Brick semi-refractory
* Refractory Brick
* Rustic
* Firebrick
* Fireplace
* Mortar
* Cement
* Steak

The Greslar is located in the center of the country in Boialvo, near the city of Anadia (Portugal).

The laboring 80 years since the very early began producing ceramic rustic. Greslar currently has two business areas, a product for the manufacture of fireplaces, stoves and barbecues, supplemented with the commercialization of fireclay, refractory mortar and cement refractory and other decorative fireplaces and interior (Construction) with rustic. We are also able to manufacture ceramic products according to specific customer request.

We sell to the entire country, continent and islands, and export to some of the European Countries and North Africa. The stockists of construction materials and contractors are our main customers.

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