FDT-1102 lubricant foam performance tester

FDT-1102 lubricant foam performance tester
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FDT-1102 lubricant foam performance tester

Lubricant foam properties analyzer is based on national standards GB / T12579 design and manufacture of the provisions for the determination of anti-oil, lubricating oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, the oil tends to foam formation

1, the instrument uses a high-precision digital display temperature control mode, with high precision temperature control, intuitive display
2, FDT foam properties with automatic temperature control, automatic timing, air source and the gas flow centralized control system, easy to operate
3, high technology, and is equipped with a digital electronic timing function
4, the instrument uses split, integrated portfolio, easy to move
5, configure a dedicated refrigeration system to meet the needs of low-temperature experiments
6, instrument configuration i dedicated environmental air pump system, no external gas source
Technical Parameters
1, power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
2, FDT foam properties thermostatic bath temperature: 24 ℃ 93.5 ℃
3, the heater power: 2500W (93.5 ℃ bathtub) 800W (24 ℃ bath)
4, temperature measurement devices: platinum resistance (PT100)
5, the gas diffusion head diameter: 25.4mm ± 0.02
6, diffuser air permeability: at 2.4KPa (250mmH O) pressure is 3000 ~ 6000mL / min
7, experimental cylinder specifications: 1000mL (special cylinder)

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