FDT-0731 Lubricant oil rust preventing characteris

FDT-0731 Lubricant oil rust preventing characteris
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FDT-0731 Lubricant oil rust preventing characteris

Lubricant liquid rust meter according to national standard GB / T11143 prescribed design and manufacture of metal corrosion can be determined when the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil and other fats in water

1, the LCD screen English display interface, menu prompts input;
2, the use of computer programs temperature control, high precision, good accuracy;
3, user-friendly design, the instrument automatically timed, when the reminder alarm;
4, instrument software interface displays a variety of parameters such as clocks date and current tips;
5,4 group sample design, the user can choose to open any one set of experiments, without disturbing each other according to their own circumstances;
Technical Parameters
1, temperature range: room temperature ~ 100 ℃
2, temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃
3, when the control range: 0 to 99 hours arbitrarily set
4, stirring speed: 1000r / min
5, the maximum power consumption of 2500W
6, Sheng-like holes: 4, customers can turn to any one set of experiments, interfering
7, ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 35 ℃
8, relative humidity: ≤85%
9, the power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

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