FDT-0641 Automatic volume resistivity tester

FDT-0641 Automatic volume resistivity tester
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FDT-0641 Automatic volume resistivity tester

Automatic volume resistivity tester is based People's Republic of China Electric Power Industry Standard DL / T421-2009 requirements of design and manufacture.

1, with three terminal electrodes cup, completely DL / T421-2009 requirements and design
2, with color LCD display, touch screen operation
3, with integrated design, temperature refrigeration in one range more widely
4, with automatic drain system, reduce labor intensity
5, adopt automatic discharge, using the classic PID temperature control, automatic climate control, automatic measurements with save, print function test results.
Technical Parameters
 1, the test range: 5.0E5 ~ 5E13 Ω · m.
2, temperature range: the range of 20 ° ~ 99 degrees of freedom settings, temperature control accuracy of ± 0.5 °.
3, holding time: 0 to 99 minutes in any setting
4, pressing time: arbitrarily set within 0 ~ 99S.
5, the number of experiments: 1 to 3 times a set, automatically calculate the average after the end of the experiment
6, the electrode cup Parameters: Type: Three-side electrode cup, internal and external dual temperature control, material: high-purity stainless steel
7, electrode spacing: 2mm
8, electrode capacitance value Cup: 30PF
9, empty cup Insulation resistance:> 3.0E12Ω
10, Repeatability: results> 1.0E10Ω · m, the relative error of <25%
           The results ≤1.0E10Ω · m, the relative error of <15%
11. Reproducibility: The results> 1.0E10Ω · m, the relative error of <35%
           The results ≤1.0E10Ω · m, the relative error of <25%
12, the test voltage: DC 500 ± 5% V
13, suitable humidity: 30% to 70%.
14, power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50HZ ± 5%
15, Power: less than 600W

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