FDT-0490 Polymer intrinsic viscosity meter

FDT-0490 Polymer intrinsic viscosity meter
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FDT-0490 Polymer intrinsic viscosity meter

Accord gb12005.1, gb17931, gb14190 requirements, polymer intrinsic viscosity meter with a high degree of automation, test results reproducible characteristics.

1, the LCD screen English display, interactive interface, preset temperature, test time and other parameters, menu prompts input
2, the actuator using advanced SSR, which is characterized by non-contact, no action noise, no spark, vibration resistance, long life.
3, bath heater and draft tube internal parts such as the use of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and durable.
4, automatic calculation and testing of the capillary constant time average of the product; the high precision temperature control, good accuracy.
5, the introduction of imported XECOM US data processing chip, fast and accurate data processing
6-cylinder design, better insulation and protective measures
7, automatic countdown function, automatic calculation results
Technical Parameters
1, the control temperature settings: room temperature ~ 100 ℃
2, the number of samples: 2 tubes
3, constant temperature accuracy: ± 0.1
4. Display: LCD
5. Countdown: automatic countdown
6, heat power: 1000W
7, work power source: 220V ± 10% 50Hz
8. Ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 35 ℃
9, Weight: 25kg

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