FDR-5001 Automatic light emitting nitrogen analyzer

FDR-5001 Automatic light emitting nitrogen analyzer
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FDR-5001 Automatic light emitting nitrogen analyzer

For the determination of crude oil, distillates, petroleum, petrochemical products, food and total nitrogen content in the water. Meet the standard: SH / T 0657, ASTM D4629, ASTM D5762 standards.

1, the instrument uses the Windows operation platform, man-machine friendly exchange interface, easy to operate.
2, the core part of the instrument uses the import parts, so that the instrument has the advantages of high sensitivity, low noise, wide linear range, strong anti-interference ability and so on.
3, the instrument adopts the international popular circuit and imported devices, the overall performance reached the international advanced level, better than the domestic similar products, and can replace imports.
4, high pressure can be adjusted, the standard calibration can take a single point correction, convenient, fast and accurate

Technical Parameters
1, in line with standard: SH / T0657, ASTMD4629, ASTMD5762 other standards
2, measuring range: 0.1mg / L ~ 10000mg / L ~ percentage
3, gas supply requirements: High oxygen purity argon 99.999% to 99.999%
4, sample status: solid, liquid, gas (matching the corresponding injector).
5, temperature range: room temperature ~ 1100 ℃ ± 3 ℃
6, repeatability error: 0.1mg / L≤X <1.0mg / L≤ ± 0.1mg / L
1.0mg / L≤X <10mg / LCv≤10%
X≥10mg / LCv≤5%

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