FDR-4781 Automatic biodiesel oxidation stability analyzer

FDR-4781 Automatic biodiesel oxidation stability analyzer
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FDR-4781 Automatic biodiesel oxidation stability analyzer

Automatic biodiesel oxidation stability analyzer reference EN14112 standard, suitable for not concise and dynamic, oxidative stability testing of refined vegetable oils, can be used to compare the efficiency of the antioxidant added to the oil in antioxidants (volatile fatty acids presence and instability acidic oxidation products affect the measurement accuracy of the results), is currently the most advanced testing equipment.

1, the use of large-screen LCD, English-friendly interface
2, FDR Friends temperature control system, high accuracy, good stability
3, intelligent detection module, automatic detection, save, print results
4, over-temperature overpressure protection, the protection of laboratory safety
5, the use of air drying device, environmental protection
Technical Parameters
1. Applicable standards: EN14112
2, temperature control mode: temperature control system FDR Friends
3, gas supply mode: imported air pump, low noise
4, the working temperature: room temperature ~ 150 ℃; ± 0.1 ℃, configuration expert from stabilization system
5, Display: large-screen LCD IPC automatic recording, real-time display fat oxidation process and the conductivity of the induction period
6, Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50HZ
7, results processing: automatic measurement, storage, printing
8, the working unit: 2 (according to customer requirements)

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