FDR-4571 automatic boiling range tester

FDR-4571 automatic boiling range tester
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FDR-4571 automatic boiling range tester

Automatic boiling range tester for GB / T7534-2004 "industrial volatile organic liquid boiling range of measurement" standards.
Volatile organic liquids for industrial use, high-purity, single component samples, reagents and other petroleum products whose distillation range Process temperature range is very small, and the detection accuracy of the detection process to bring a high degree of difficulty and requirements.

1, large-screen LCD, the software prompts
2, the entire English operating system platform, multiple operating modes available for customers to use programming
3, using imported American XEC infrared cylinder reading system, high resolution, high literacy scale accuracy, good stability
4, using a key to set the calibration system, user-friendly design, completely solve the traditional equipment tracking calibration process complex operations
5, using the US HP Precision tracking systems, rail wear, transmission of the fine, tracking amplitude can be controlled 0.1ml
4, the instrument can be upgraded to a computer controlled by computer (typically LCD screen, you can not upgrade the computer), the distillation process parameters dynamic display, automatic optimization of the heating power
Condition 5 provides a new method of document and calling Features, enough storage space to hold the trial record 6, cold baths and bath cylinder temperature using intelligent control system to provide the required test groups of 7 each, and automatically determine the termination condition issued by the test results, printable reports
8, the software provided with the anti-overshoot system, which can effectively prevent bumping situation gases
Technical Parameters
1. Environment Temperature: 0 ~ 60 ℃ Relative humidity: ≤ 80%
2, Display: LCD display.
3, the distilling rate: 4 ~ 5mL / min
4, cold bath temperature range: -10 ~ + 70 ℃
5, temperature range: room temperature ~ +350 ℃, Resolution: 0.1 ℃
6, volume detection range: 0 ~ 100mL, Resolution 0.

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