FDR-0501 Motor gasoline and aviation fuel gum test

FDR-0501 Motor gasoline and aviation fuel gum test
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FDR-0501 Motor gasoline and aviation fuel gum test

Requirements the instrument is designed for the determination of aviation gasoline and motor gasoline gum content of the instrument, applicable to press gb / t 8019 "motor gasoline and aviation fuel gum assay (jet evaporation method)"

1, the instrument uses metal bath heating system, heating speed, temperature uniformity bath body
2, the instrument configuration regulator system, the experiment intake stable, safe
3, instrument configuration independent of the gas supply system, can be adjusted independently of each test hole hot air flow, hot air flow control is accurate and reliable.
4, instrument imported (Omron) temperature control, LCD display, high precision temperature control, low failure rate
5, the instrument uses a protective circuit to avoid voltage or current increases damage to equipment and operating personnel
Technical Parameters
1 Power supply: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 2.5kW.
2, the heating method: heating the metal bath
3, test holes: 3.
5, the working temperature: 160 ~ 165 ℃.
6, the temperature control method: automatic temperature control.
7, the temperature display: digital display.
8, flow display: meter display.
10, gas source: external air,> 1000 ± 150mL / sec.

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