FDR-0401 Distillate fuel oil oxidation stability

FDR-0401 Distillate fuel oil oxidation stability
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FDR-0401 Distillate fuel oil oxidation stability

Distillate fuel oil oxidation stability tester side given instrument (accelerated method) according to sh / t0175-94, astmd2274 and other standards to determine the initial boiling point of not lower than 175 ℃, 90% point distillation

1, the fixed value regulator valve to provide a constant flow of oxygen test.
2, thermostatic bath, large capacity, good insulation properties, and can make six samples tested.
3, oxidation tube with radial clamping, easy operation and reliable.
4, the camera obscura after the oxidation test tube directly into which were cooled at room temperature
5, sample oxidation time automatic control, when the alarm system.
6, the instrument uses metal bath, heating speed, good stability, environmental protection
Technical Parameters
1, oxidation flowmeter: Six oxidation test flow meter can be adjusted individually, the test flow rate: 50 ± 5ml / min.
2, constant temperature bath: the use of FLD metal bath.
3, the thermometer: in line with GB / T514-83 standard, WLH-33C, 50-100 ℃, 0.5 ℃ indexing rod
4. Temperature control mode: automatic heating, automatic temperature control
5, temperature accuracy: 95 ± 0.2 ℃
6, oxidation tube: borosilicate glass, in line with SH / T0175-94 standard
7, electric heaters: when the main heater 220V 2500W, auxiliary heating 800W.
8, the regulator valve oxidation: oxidation is the oxidation stability, in front of the flow meter with regulator valve

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