Extruded finned tube tubes, embedded G finned tube

Extruded finned tube tubes, embedded G finned tube
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Extruded finned tube tubes, embedded G finned tube

Aluminium spiral finned tube, L finned tube, KL finned tube, G finned tube, extruded aluminium finned tube, embedded finned tube.

Fin Tube Types

Embedded ("G") Fin Tube Type

The strip is embedded under the tension in a groove of the
base tube.This fin tube is applicable to high temperature.
-Temp. 400 C (750 F).

Footed ("L") Fin Tube Type

The strip is wound under the tension around a base tube
-Temp. 130 C (270 F).

Overlapped Footed("LL") Fin Tube Type

Overlapped wound tension on L-fin. Economical alternative
for Extruded finned tube.
-Temp. 165 C (330 F).

Knurled ("KL") Fin Tube Type

Knurled tubes enhance the bondage of the L-fins.
-Temp. 250 C (480 F).

Extruded Fin Tube Type

Fins are integrally produced through in thread rolling process.
-Temp. 285 C (545 F).

1.Highly competitive rates
2.Lower contact resistance
3.Considerate after-sale service
4.Outstanding product quality
The advantage of finned tubes is that by increasing overall heat transfer rate, the total number of tubes required for a given application is reduced, thereby also reducing overall equipment size and decreasing the cost of the project. In many application cases, one finned tube replaces six or more bare tubes at less than 1/3 the cost and 1/4 the volume.

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