Electronic high voltage mouse killer, rat killer

Electronic high voltage mouse killer, rat killer
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Electronic high voltage mouse killer, rat killer

Intelligent high voltage mice zapper
(1) Voltage killing mice
(2) Easy to install
(3) Safe and non-poisonous

the mice commit cases will cause the loss as follow:
(1) Property destruction
(2) Ruin grain
(3) Spread disease
(4) Bite your child

Intelligent, Eco-friendly and high voltage mice zapper make yourself comfortable.
The mice zapper simulate the living environment of mice, using the selected food to attract rodents. It will cause heart-stopping electric shock to kill the mice instantly as well as trap. The mice killer is the essential items for your quiet and safe home, no harm to human.

(1) Using voltage boosting theory, electric shock killing mice, non-poisonous, safe and harmless.
(2) Good design structure for clean the mice cage conveniently.
(3) Equip safety protection switch, in case shocking to people wrongly.
(4) Adopt high-tech micro electronic circuits, electric saving and reliable.

Product Details:
(1) Flexible switch design.
(2) Six hole to fixed the bait.
(3) Mice zapper’s inner mental sheet.
(4) 4*C battery.
(5) Adapter.

A: Mice zapper have 3 corrosion resistant plates
B: Put the bait on A plate
C: When the mice set foot in C-B metal sheet, the mice zapper keep in stand-by state. Only the mice set foot in A-B metal sheet, touched off the high voltage circuit, and then AB metal sheet rise to 5000V instantly. At the same time, A-C sheet is switched on, and the BC sheet also rise to 5000V to avoid mice turning back and escape.

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