Electrolytic capacitor photo flash, Kondensator

Electrolytic capacitor photo flash, Kondensator
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Electrolytic capacitor photo flash, Kondensator

ISO14001 Manufactuer of photo flash capacitor from china , 100uF to 330uF , 315V,475VDC.voltage . 1, 000 ,000 times , 40℃ , application for welding machine ,warning light .
High performance, better good prices , free samples.

■ Electrolytic capacitors for Photo flash, 5 ℃ to 35℃ , 5000 times
330VDC Photo flash Electrolytic capacitors

165uF 330V 16MM×27mm
180uF 330V 14.5MM×35mm, 18mm×29mm
250uF 330V 16mm×39mm
260uF 300V 16MM×45mm
280uF 330V 20mm×28mm
320uF 330V 22mm×40mm
420uF 330V 22mm×50mm
500uF 330V 325.4mm×54mm
700uF 330V 30mm×54mm
950uF 330V 35MM×50MM
1000uF 330V 35mm×50mm
1500uF 330v 30MM×110mm
2000uF 330V 35mm×80mm

For photo Flash , RoHS compliant .

■Specification of capacitor for welding machine , warning light
100uF 475V 35mm×110mm
225uF 475V 40mm×110mm
150uF 315V 35mm×100mm
330uF 315V 50mm×100mm

Please send us your RFQ about photo flash capacitor , welding machine capacitor, warning light capacitor .

if you are looking capacitor supplier from china or want alternative in the future, please contact us market@plusparkstar.com
Skype: plusparkcap
Msn: plusparkcap@hotmail.com

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