Eco-friendly bench grinder w/dust filtration

Eco-friendly bench grinder w/dust filtration
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Eco-friendly bench grinder w/dust filtration

I am export sales manager of Jiangmen Su Bier CNC Machine Co., LTD.
We produce eco-friendly heavy duty bench grinders with built-in dust filtration system.
At the present we are looking for distributors worldwide.

Dear Sirs!

My name is Galina Kotelnikova, export sales manager of Jiangmen Su Bier CNC Machine Co., LTD., China. We produce eco-friendly bench grinders.
There are many factories producing bench grinders in the world nowadays. But consumers of these products face one common problem: some dust created by grinding containing chemicals pollutes workspace and harms ecology. These chemicals cause cancer, birth defects etc. The solution is, as a rule, takes a lot of workplace or it is expensive to buy apart (stationary ventilation systems, dust collection cabinets, etc.)
We offer new profit making decision of dust and sludge. And your customers will appreciate it. Our technology protects workers from production risks which are related with harmful impact on respiratory organs. It takes care about the health and safety of workers. And this fact is important for enterprises managers and owners because of the labour efficiency increase, and safety is high.
Our bench grinders with integrated exhaust system and dust filtration have success in sales during 5 years in Russia and CIS countries. You can find the technical information and how they look like on our website .
Your profit and satisfied customers increase is a criterion of efficiency of our cooperation. We make a lot of efforts to do our best and work for you for 28 years.
Comfort of teamwork is one more criterion. No matter which part of the world you're situated, you will get our support and all information every moment.
We offer good terms of cooperation with us as our dealer or distributor. I am ready to discuss about terms in details.
If you want to get your own opinion about our equipment in advance, we have the possibility to arrange you sample free of charge. Just send the answer to this e-mail during next 3 days. This offer is limited.
Call me or write right now!

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