Dvtp vacuum transformer oil filtration system

Dvtp vacuum transformer oil filtration system
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Dvtp vacuum transformer oil filtration system

Dvtp high vacuum transformer oil filtration system is developed to designed for purifying dielectric insulating oil in the oil-filled transformers.

Through the double stages dehydration, degassing systems and three stages filtration treatment, the dissolved water, gases and particles can be removed completely to upgrade the properties of transformer insulating oil. With special tool and interlock safety system, DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration System is ideal online purification systems for heavy duty transformers and electric equipment.

1.Online vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration System without shutting down the running transformer.
2.Automatic foam control and interlock alarm system ensure the safety working.
3.Fully automatic operation with PLC control enable for unsupervised online oil purification.
4.The Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration System equips with the settlement and separation, flash evaporation, vacuum stranded, effective quickly remove the free water and gas in the oil, and deeper removing the water and gas dissolved in oil.

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