Double stages vacuum transformer oil purifier

Double stages vacuum transformer oil purifier
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Double stages vacuum transformer oil purifier

Series DVP double stags high vacuum transformer oil purifier be able to quickly separate the harmful ingredients from transformer insulating oil, such as water, impurities, gas, acetylene, hydrogen, methane and others.

The transformer oil after purification by DVP vacuum transformer oil purifier can improve insulation performance, so that it can effectively guarantee the electrical equipment run safely. DVP double stages vacuum transformer oil purifier is particularly suitable for high-grade transformer oil and online purification for more than 110KV substation.

1. Double stages high vacuum dehydration and degasification systems
2. Vacuum drying and vacuum oiling
3. The transformer oil purifier installs 1 micron filtering elements and removes 99% solids.
4. Online and offline oil purification systems for transformers
5.Germany vacuum pump and electric systems ensure oil purifier runs safely.
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