Diesel generator convertion into water-fuel HHO GG

Diesel generator convertion into water-fuel HHO GG
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Diesel generator convertion into water-fuel HHO GG

Grainis ltd. Bulgaria offers conversion of diesel or CNG power generators, power plants, steam boilers and furnace heaters, into water-fueled HHO power generators.
No power range limit.

The only fuel a HHO Power Generator use, is water. The only waste evolve - clean distilled water, 100% recyclable.
A Diesel Power Generator's HHO-Conversion is similar to the Diesel-CNG Convertion, with a slight correction of the ignition point.
A HHO-Converted Diesel Generator burns 100% Modified HHO MHHO .
The MHHO is being produced by low-frequency-modified and LED-Photo-modified water electrolysis, and is similar to the "Ohmasa Gas", patented by Dr. Ryushin Omasa from Tokyo, Japan, in 2011.
youtube/watch?v=XUbWOe4I4tA&list=PLC9F9DBFD14FB979E&index=12 - Ohmasa gas as a single fuel

Dr. Omasa's devices are powered by the grid, while our plants are more compact, off-grid, power-autonomous, based on our invention for high-effective, 0.8Wh/L water electrolysis.
MHHO Gas is the ideal engine and burner Fuel and the perfect Energy Storage - 100% clean and renewable, cheap, easy and safe for production and handle. 
MHHO Gas can be safely :
- handled as a regular CNG fuel gas, 
- compressed to 200 bar and more, filled and stored for years in conventional CNG bottles and tanks without any danger of Hydrogen Leakage and Embrittlement Damage, 
- liquefied at 1 bar/-178 deg.C, and filled in lightweight bottles,
- shipped and sold everywhere, 
- burned in conventional Car/Truck/Train/Generator/Ship/Plane/Rocket Engines, Gas-Turbines and Boiler/Furnace /Heater/Dryer/Stove Burners, as a single fuel, with, or without mixing with other gases or liquid fuels, using the existing CNG/LNG's pressure vessels and infrastructure. 

MHHO Gas : 
- is the perfect, cleaner and times cheaper CNG replacer,
- has no problems as the Hydrogen's high flammability, leakage and embrittlements

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