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Topdry industry - leading container desiccant solutions for intermodal transport of cargoes.

TOPDRY Container desiccant unlike other desiccants put the hook in the strap, just seals the strap with the desiccant. TOPDRY desiccant perfectly use the ultrasonic seal connect TOPDRY desiccant with hook; the quality is perfect and strong. What’s more, TOPDRY container desiccant hook is 360°rotatable hook.

TOPDRY Desiccant has a versatile and robust design ideal to protect cargo from damaging moisture by absorbing up to 300 percent of its weight in water.
If you are looking for a solution can against damaging moisture and humidity encountered during varying conditions throughout the shipping process. TOPDRY desiccant is your best choice.

No matter in containerized or non-containerized environment, TOPDRY solve the humidity surrounding cargoes by control the dew point inside the environment, so can eliminate container rain and cargo sweat.

TOPDRY Desiccant absorb up to three times their weight in moisture from the container environment, effectively protecting everything from bulk foodstuffs to heavy equipment. With TOPDRY Moisture Lock material, a unique, patented formulation that absorbs and traps this moisture in a no-spill gel and solid.

Use TOPDRY container desiccant, cargoes can arrive safely at the destination.

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