Dedicated business services for companies and individuals

Dedicated business services for companies and individuals
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Dedicated business services for companies and individuals | EUROPEAN BUSINESS PLATFORM offers special business services for companies and individuals.
Our outsourcing offer of business services is directed to the companies and individuals who speak fluent in the following languages: Russian, Belarusian, English, Polish.

[1] The Portal offers dedicated business services:
> organization of individual economic missions to Poland:
>> organization of business and industrial meetings
>> participation in fair, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and in other economic events
> support and aid during creation and organization of the company or representation of the company in Poland (office rent, purchase of tools, recruitment, logistics etc.)
> analysis of situation on the market and industry in Poland
> search of products/services in Poland or in Europe
> comprehensive aid and maintenance of trip and stay in Poland
> translations of business documents

[2] Other business services:
> aid during organization of all documents and formalities from the Polish side
> searching of necessary documents for getting polish citizenship in Poland (copies of birth-certifications, marriage, acts of death etc.)
> organization of individual trips to Poland, arranged according to customer preferences
> aid in moving to Poland
> translations of documents (only large orders)

Please feel free to direct any questions and comments to our | EUROPEAN BUSINESS PLATFORM team.

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