Cottage Just For You

Cottage Just For You
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Cottage Just For You

Do you want to have a rest in the mountains with your family or friends? You don't like the hotel, do you? You need some freedom, don’t you? We offer Cottage Just For You!!!

A year-round COTTAGE for relax for 6 persons. There are two bedrooms in the cottage. A bathroom for 2 and 4 persons, living room with satellite TV and mini-kitchen. Lobby with a place for skis, bicycles, etc. There is parking in front of the cottage, the whole area is fenced. Fireplace, BBQ, sleigh rides. Opposite the cottage there is the highest peak of Silesian Beskids Skrzyczne 1257 m – where you can ski down the hill. A chairlift on SKRZYCZNE is located 150 m from the cottage.
The cottage is perfect for families or groups of friends who want to spend their free time with pleasure. Access to the wireless Internet. The cottage is for rent only as a whole.

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