Corundum castable refractory

Corundum castable refractory
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Corundum castable refractory

Corundum castable is a kind of castable prepared with corundum as aggregate and powder plus some binder.It has higher mechanical strength and abrasion resistance than high alumina refractory and Mullite refractory, but less thermal shock resistance.
Corundum castables are good castables among refractory castables, because of their high temperature resistance, wear resistance and erosion resistance, good gas sealing performance, and high early strength of quick-setting, corundum castables are mainly used in areas with high temperature and serious erosion.However, although the strength of corundum castables is high, their flexibility is not very good. Just like the corundum castables used in cement rotary kilns, many corundum castables are added with mullite to meet the special needs of the kilns.There are also different types of corundum castables with different grades and adding materials. Users can choose different corundum castables according to the use position and temperature, such as chromium corundum castables, zirconium corundum castables and composite brown corundum castables.

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