Control cabinets and electrical cabinets - systems

Control cabinets and electrical cabinets - systems
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Control cabinets and electrical cabinets - systems

On behalf of TK Energia, I would like to offer you control and electrical cabinets.

We manufacture control cabinets according to the customer’s specifications or design.

We supply control cabinets to customers all over the world. Our control cabinets are used in many companies in the country as well as abroad.

The systems are made in accordance with designs delivered by our customers or adapted to their needs based on their guidelines - *the customer communicates his expectations and we provide an electrical or a control cabinet manufactured according to those expectations.

Our cabinets are made of components from renowned companies: EATON, DANFOSS, LG, REXROTH etc. We also offer budget versions with good quality components from Chinese manufacturers.

Control cabinets – manufactured as single pieces or in small series – can be provided with appropriate certificates if required by the customer.

We have experience in producing control cabinets for large industrial factories, warehouses, computer server rooms, cryptocurrency mines, catering industry, food producers, forwarding companies, all types of concerns, pharmaceutical companies, farms, cold stores, drying rooms, sports facilities, and many more. For our customers, we manufacture custom-made cabinets or we make extended serial cabinets for further resale.

Contact us for more details.

TK Energia

Phone: +48 602 687 466 / 796 959 004
Mail: /

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