Continuous biomass gasifier plant

Continuous biomass gasifier plant
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Continuous biomass gasifier plant

Continuous Biomass Gasifier plant is designed for non-stop gasification biomass waste such as:
-waste wood
-rice husk, straw
-chicken manure, cow dung
-peat, sludge
All parts of Gasifier plant placed in standard containers, so no need installation, any buildings and foundation.

Operation mode of the Gasifier plant is fully continuous type, it can work 24 hours 365 day.
Plant capacity is 1 - 2 ton raw material per hour (24-48 ton per day), it depends on the type of raw material(waste) and it’s moisture.
Gasifier plant has continuous feeding raw material and continuous discharging carbon black residue.
The principle of equipment is based on technology of high-temperature pyrolysis with further cooling and cleaning of biogas. High temperature biogas goes throw set of separators, scrubbers and condensers, cooling and cleaning. A little part of gas always heat reactor. External fuel (heating oil) is required only once to start continuous process. Gasifier plant use indirect heating method.

Technical parameters of Gasifier plant:
Raw material capacity, ton/hour:1 - 2
Input size of raw material, mm.:<30x30
Raw material moisture, %:<40
Maximum power consumption , kW/hour, 380V, 50 Hz: 30
Average power consumption , kW/hour, 380V, 50 Hz:30
Working pressure, kPa: 1-5
Reactors working temperature, C:700-900
Cooling water consumption, m3 /hour:6
If use end cooling system with air coolers: 0
Workers: 2
Weight, ton: 20
Area, m2: 200
Delivery: 1 container 40ftHC and 2 containers 20 ft

The main product of Gasifier plant is flammable gas (biogas) which can be used directly as heating gas or fuel for gas generator set to make electricity.
Carbon black residue can be used as raw material for production of fuel briquette, or sorbent.

Also we can provide equipment to reduce moisture of raw material to 40-30% and crushing to the size 30x30 mm.

Please contact us fore more information.

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