Coal to liquid project in Indonesia

Coal to liquid project in Indonesia
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Coal to liquid project in Indonesia

We are looking for investor that want to invest of USD 1.5 Billion to develop coal to liquid plant project in Kalimantan - Indonesia with capacity of 10,000 to 15,000 barrel / day.

Presently we have been securing of about 150 Million to 200 Million Ton of reverse mineable coal mining in Kalimantan. The plant will be build on the mouth of coal mining or the location that close to the coal mining and have easy access for logistic and deliver the products for sale.
To the interested investor, we offer profit of USD 150 Million per year up to 20 years (Total USD 3,000,000,000). The profit will share in year 4th after plant in operation and selling the products.
If you have any questions regarding the project, please let me know.

Kindly regards,
Ahmad Fakar
Project Managing Director
PT. Nurin Inti Global
Jl. Mertilang IV, No: 3,
Bintaro Jaya IX, Tangerang – Indonesia
Phone / Fax: +622174860739
Mobile no: +6281281730794

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