Cheap hotel in Siedlce

Cheap hotel in Siedlce
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Cheap hotel in Siedlce

We offer our guests rooms for 1, 2, 4, and 5 people. We give excellent conditions on reasonable price and also home and pleasant atmosphere.

We offer our visitors a lodging for the night in one of 9 rooms guaranteeing rest after the intense working day. Calm, quiet interior and comfortable bed will help you to relax, to have a rest and to gain strength for the next day. All rooms are equipped with TV-sets and free Internet connection. Also you will have a wireless teapot, refrigerator, dishes and disposable cutlery.

* Prices from 48 zł. for one room
* We offer rooms of different standard.
* Free access to the Internet.
* You can leave your car safely on closed and fenced car park
* Check-in/check-out time: 14.00/12.00
* We issue the invoices VAT.

We rely on our experience and on opinions of our customers constantly improving the quality of offered services. Satisfied and returning to our hotel clients are our greatest pleasure and the reason of proud for us.
You can find detail information on our website.

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