Car service workshop in operation

Car service workshop in operation
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Car service workshop in operation

I offer for sale a car service workshop in operation, specializing in the repairs of unit-injector systems for diesel engines. Bosch Diesel Centrum and Delphi Diesel Centrum service workshop.

For the above mentioned accessories' manufacturers it offers state-of-the-art equipment for all types of unit-injector systems, starting with in-line injection pumps to Common Rail systems.

Bosch equipment:

> Two EPS 815 Bosch testing benches with accessories for the repair, programming and coding of VP 29/30 pumps, VP 44 CR injectors and CR piezo injectors, unit pump injectors, CR high pressure pumps.
> Older type, PE, PES in-line pumps with mechanical governors and EDC with electronic controllers, EDC and HDK electronic rotary injection pumps.
> Set of accessories for testing benches for all systems i.e. testing injectors, test leads, mountings, sets of flanges etc.
> Cambox checking unit pump injectors
> Tester for EPS 100 injector and automatic tester for EPS 200 together with accessories, Hartridge IFT-C device for the control of CR injectors of all manufacturers.
> The 3rd stage of CR Bosch injector repair
For Delphi a complete brand new AVM2-PC testing bench with all accessories for all Delphi CR pumps, for DP 200-300 electronic pumps and DPA, DPC, DPCn pumps and in-line pumps.
Delphi testing injectors, high pressure conduits etc.
For the repair of CR Delphi injectors, CR and PC testing bench together with accessories for testing all latest injector systems.

Car tester kits:
> Universal KTS Bosch,
> TECH for Opel,
> Diamond Delphi,
> DSC Denso,
> Laser 200 Lucas,
> Star Diagnosis for Mercedes,
> Universal DS 150 Delphi.

All tester kits, apart from Diamond, can be used for both fuel vehicles and diesel engine vehicles as well as goods vehicles and trucks.
Moreover, standard car service workshop equipment for diagnostics and repair of air-conditioning, mechanics, breaks, lights etc.

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