Car GPS&multimedia interfaces

Car GPS&multimedia interfaces
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Car GPS&multimedia interfaces

Manufacturing of car video multimedia interfaces, built-in and external GPS navigation systems, DVD/TV in motion units, CAN bus systems and car reverse guideline systems for all widespread model of cars.

FOSP Optoelectronics CO Ltd registered in HongKong since 2002 and now based in Beijing. We are one of the worlds’ leading companies of Car Multimedia Interfaces, GPS/Navigation Systems, DVD/TV in Motion Units, CAN bus, Car Reverse Guideline, Car Monitor and Touch Screen for lots of cars. We have an internationally experienced technical team. The main developer with PHD processing from Germany. As new car models are produced, and new technologies are developed. In addition, we own the rights to several technical patents on video processing. Our product has such certificates as: ISO9001 certificated, E-mark, CE, and ROHS certification.
-Customers can get HD Navigation/GPS, Parking Guideline and Reverse Parking Camera for their cars' OEM screen by using our interface box.


* Sockets on the interface box:

1RGB(for adding HD external GPS, some interfaces with built in GPS) +2AV (for connecting to CMMB/DVB-T, DVD) +1Camera (for adding external reverse parking camera)

* Supports high definition RGB navigation/GPS (Some are built in)

* Supports guideline display and OEM radar picture

* OEM key or touch screen to switch inputs and control

* Plug and play installation without hurting the OEM parts and cutting any wire.

We have many products ranging for many cars. We have products for Renault, GM, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Chrysler, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Peugeot and many many more.

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