Capital enhancement business grants

Capital enhancement business grants
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Capital enhancement business grants

Non returnable loans are available for small businesses.

Capital Enhancement Business Grants are available to small business owners to reduce their current debt and to increase their productivity by providing capital infusion. The grant can also be used for starting a business. The minimum grant amount is $25,000, with a maximum of $2.5M per grant. There are no limits on the amount of grants a business can apply for. Acceptance into this program is by invitation only. In order to be accepted into the Capital Enhancement Business Grant program, two requirements must be met. First the grant requester will be required to cover the cost of having their grant proposal written by one of our professional grant writer’s. The cost for the grant writing service is $1,500. This is the most important step in the grant process. Ninety Nine percent (99%) of all grants that are submitted by individuals, who are not skilful in writing a proposal, are rejected. Having your proposal written by a professional grant writer is essential in receiving a grant. The second requirement is the contribution. This program was designed to assist RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS OWNERS towards eliminating their debt burden. A business owner contributing 10% towards eliminating the debt they created is a REASONABLE and RESPONSIBLE request. The remaining 90% capital to eliminate the debt will be provided by and through our affiliate private grant providers. Example: Let’s say a grant requester’s debt is $50,000. The program will contribute $45,000 (90%) towards your company s debt while the grant requester will be required to contribute $5,000 (10%.) The entire process is simple and straight-forward and will take on average of 180 to 210 business days to complete. THIS IS NOT A FREE HAND OUT PROGRAM!!! If a grant requester cannot cover the cost of having their grant proposal professionally written and contribute 10% towards their debt, they will not be accepted into the program. Contact us for further details.

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