Camelina sativa for biofuel (false flax)

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Camelina sativa for biofuel (false flax)

Looking for an investor or business partner for creating a joint venture company for the production of camelina sativa (false flax) oil.

Kerosene made of camelina oil is called second-generation biofuel. To meet the Russian market demand the "SPR" was created - Union of Camelina sativa Producers - so the fact speaks for itself. First of all, this means the strategic importance of the Russian camelina sativa production and its globality.
Which are the positive and favourable points of Camelina? First of all - trusted marketplace with a stable purchasing price. It is guaranteed to all farmers, joined the Union. This is probably the most important thing under market conditions. Everyone knows the unstable situation with cereals or oilseeds: good crop - the purchase price falls. On the contrary, poor yield - high price, but nothing to sell. Insects and diseases are not the problem for camelina, it suppresses weeds well, which means that camelina cultivation doesn’t require costly herbicides and pesticides spending only 1-2 thousand rubles / hectare. Low-weight seeding rate has low seed cost. Only by natural fertility, without any mineral fertilizer application the camelina oilseeds crop is 1 ton per hectare. It is not difficult to calculate the high profitability of camelina sativa cultivating with purchasing price 8000 rubles/ha and costs 4000 rubles/ha. This means that a good income from camelina cultivation can have farms that do not have resources to purchase mineral fertilizers. Mineral fertilizer application, especially the nitrogen one, dose 82 kg N/ha amounting to 3000 rubles/ha gives an extra 1 tonne of oilseeds which costs is 8000 rubles/t. So, it is very profitable! The most efficient nitrogen fertilizers for false flax are: 1 quintal/ha of anhydrous ammonia, or 4 quintal/ha of ammonia water applying into the soil to a depth of 18 cm. Early camelina harvesting allow to run oil extraction press in July-August, i.e. a month earlier than rapeseed and 2 months earlier than sunflower seed. It should be emphasized that false flax is not a substitute to canola and sunflower, but complements them.

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