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BZ decanter centrifuge

BZ decanter centrifuge
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BZ decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is the 4th solids control equipment in oil and gas drilling solids control system. By principle of centrifugal sedimentation separation, it is used to process drilling mud discharged from desilter and mud cleaner, separating solids particles from 2μm to 7μm. It is a solids control equipment to separate smallest solids particles, balancing mud viscosity and recovering mud weight.

BZ decanter centrifuge is mainly applicated in oil and gas drilling solids control, drilling waste management, oil sludge treatment and other solids and liquid separation industries.

According to different rotation speed, BZ decanter centrifuge can be divied into high speed centrifuge which is mainly used in oil and gas drilling solids control and waste management, middle speed centrifuge which is mainly used in HDD, TBM and piling mud recycling. Also, BZ centrifuge is optional in fixed frequency drive and variable frequency drive.

BZ decanter centrifuge has a wide range of bowl length and diameter ration which are suitable for different applications. High capacity and good performance result on drilling fluid recycling.

. Wide range of bowl diameter which can meet different mud cleaning applications
. Big bowl diameter and rotation speed, high G force, large mud treatment capacity
. Bowl length and diameter ration is up to 3, separate efficiently 2-7μm solids particles
· Bowl cylindrical and conical section is made of duplex stainless steel SS316L or SS2205 by centrifugal casting
· Screwer is protected by tungsten carbide tiles or hard alloy for longer life and easier replacement
· Screwer flow distribution port and bowl solids discharge port are protected by tungsten carbide alloy or ceramics
· Easy to adjust liquid discharge weir height for flexible application
· Bowl assembly supported by the tighter belt for the protection of bearing in moving
. Shock absorption is made of high strengt

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