Bonded warehouse in Ukraine

Bonded warehouse in Ukraine
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Bonded warehouse in Ukraine

LLC 'MOF' offers Customs Bonded Warehouse services of 'A' class (terminal, CBW, temporal storages, customs brokers) in Kiev, Ukraine.

Our terminal makes part of ware-house complex 'MLP Chaika', largest logistic project in Ukraine which completely meets modern international requirements.

Our advantages:

- Perfect combination of quality & cost;
- Fast and convenient customs clearance. The customs subdivisions, Sanitary-epidemiology service, Quarantine of plants, Ecological and Veterinary control are placed in the terminal nearby;
- Comfortable transport upshot near SK ‘Chaika’ (highway E-40, M-06 Kiev - Chop);
- Area of arriving for 150 auto, which is under 24h control of guard service, videosupervision and registration;
- Customs warehouse (CBW) with a total area 984 sq.m and a height of 14m is equipped with shelf storage of goods. Shelves height can vary to optimize space for storage of pallets of different height .
- Floor storage area makes it possible to accommodate large loads and carry out all legal operations with goods under customs control;
- Temporary storage total area is 576 sq.m;
- The ability to store bulk quantities of alcoholic beverages among other goods(!);
- Possibility to work within the framework of long-term consignment agreements;
- System of electronic account of loads and transport vehicles;
- Control system of entrance and departure, self-scan of registration numbers, electronic autoscales;
- 6 hydraulic unloading footlights;
- Skilled personnel and modern technique for unloading works.

We are constantly open for your offers and will answer completely all questions which you interest.

We always welcome start of new mutually beneficial cooperation!

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