Black smoke stains clean oral hygiene teeth whiten

Black smoke stains clean oral hygiene teeth whiten
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Black smoke stains clean oral hygiene teeth whiten

1-2 minutes Effect for smokers
Just with water, easy to use and carry
Chemical-free, 99.9% anti-bacterial, 100% safe
Nano technology, physical cleaning principle
Smaller than toothpaste molecules, no hurt enamel

SHARE Teeth Whitening Kit has developed the most effective non-peroxide teeth whitening system in the world. By using the

latest nanotechnology, SHARE Teeth Whitening Kit is to achieve a high effective cleaning without any chemicals. When it gets

wet, each nano particle in the interior nano capillary tube, is much smaller than ten thousandth of a hair strand, has super

absorption capacity and works fast to absorb the stains from your tooth surface.

1 stick + 10 sponge refills
Private Label:Available

Teeth Whitening Application: DIY clean teeth, ideal for removing stubborn teeth stains and tartar. Especially suitable for

brown teeth caused by cigarette, coffee, tea, juice, chewing areca-nut, and other food colorings.
As gifts for promotion purpose: Personal Care, DIY Beauty Salon, Dental Clinic

We have designed different packings to fit different market, you can find the one you want.
All the boxes are printed in English to export and they are universal to many countries.
Private label is available. Feel free to tell us your idea.

There are various types of shipment for your choice. Express ways include DHL,FEDEX,TNT,UPS,EMS etc.Sea shipping is available

as well, our port is in Xiamen.

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