Best selling home use magic melamine dish washing

Best selling home use magic melamine dish washing
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Best selling home use magic melamine dish washing

Multi-purpose Magic Melamine Nano Sponge is an innovative household cleaning pad, made of powerful cleaning melamine sponge,complex the flexible PU sponge.

With the magic cleaning of melamine sponge and the toughness of PU, make it more durable,no breakage and last longer.

Magical cleaning: with water only.
Eco-friendly:no detergent, no hurt hands.
Durable: last longer with PU sponge.

Multi-purpose Magic Melamine Nano Sponge is mainly made of compressed melamine sponge with higher density (10/12/16kg/m³), more dense and durable. micro-fibres much smaller than ten thousandth of hair deep into the surfaces, specially on uneven surfaces, fast to remove the stubborn stains and old dirt, with water only, no detergent. It is the best cleaning sponge.
Stronger: Higher density, powerful cleaning.
Durable: Abrasive-resistant, almost no fractured and dregs.
Flexibility: Good toughness, Free Kneading.

Application for dish cleaning and types of tableware cleaning.

How to use:
1. Wet magic sponge with water, then squaeeze out excess.
2. Gently rub sponge on dirty surface to remove the dirts and smudges.
3. Rinse the dirty sponge with water after use and dry it.
4. Dispose of properly after multuple uses.
5. It can get used with different sizes by cutting with knife or scissors according to purpose.

What makes Melamine Sponge (Magic Eraser) different from Traditional Polyester Cleaning Sponge?
1.No chemicals, With just water, Fast to wipe off the stubborn marks, stains and dirt.
By unique technology and pure Physical clean principle, easily remove the old dirt, need water only, no detergent.

2. Save Time, Save Labor and Save Money.
No need detergent, Super strong cleaning effect, make you easier and happier for daily cleaning routine.
Need water only, save detergent cost, high efficient cleaning, save wash time.So reduce your time cost.

3. Convenient, Eco-friendly and Healthy.It can be cut into different sizes you need. No detergent needed, protect your hands.No detergent, no hazard. More Healthy and Eco-friendly.

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