Automatic wheat seeds packaging machine

Automatic wheat seeds packaging machine
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Automatic wheat seeds packaging machine

Automatic wheat seeds packaging machine

Packaging machines in the fierce market competition, to become the dark horse.

Our company products include:Oil filling machine,Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine,ect.

Machine name:Particle Automatic packaging machine
Model: DXDK60,80B
Main Purpose:
.The packaging machine for packaging pesticides, veterinary drugs, seeds, medicine, fodder, desiccant, salt, MSG, soup, tea and other products, as well as free flow of particles.
Technical Parameters:
Modle DXDK60/B DXDK80/B
Packaging capacity (bags / min) 40-60 50-80
Measurement range (ml) 20-100 1.7-50
Bag Dimensions (mm) Length60-80Width70-120 Length50-150Width50-100
Power supply voltage 380VPhase 4-wire system
Power consumption (W) 1120(Heating180×4)
Dimensions (mm) Width625×Depth750×Higth1550
NW 170KG

Principle Features:
1. by replace the Volume Cup to meet the defferent packaging requirements, product packaging reliable and practical.
2. Volume packaging machine have fast, accurate, economic and practical advantages.
3. By changing the structure of heat sealing, packaging bags can be made into trilateral letters, four-sided letters, shapes, such as pillow-shaped letters.
4. Users can also choose stainless steel box or ordinary steel box.

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