Automatic tablet bottle filling machine

Automatic tablet bottle filling machine
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Automatic tablet bottle filling machine

Automatic tablet bottle filling machine

We are a professional Filling Machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Also we supply OEM service of products for you.

tructural Features:

It has sieving device installed on the tablet-counting template, which can make materials fall into the holes of counting template successfully by the influence of slight oscillation. At the feed opening there is a kind of swaying device, convenient for even falling of materials into the container. It is very unique to adopt double layers of counting holes on the counting plate, and thus the efficiency of counting and filling is duplicated. Output can reach 120-200 bottles per minute and counting tablets is precise. (The devices of sieving and swaying have been awarded the national patents respectively.)

It possesses the characteristics of simple structure, beautiful appearance and steady operation. It is controlled by touch screen and programmable logic controller (PLC). Imported AC inverter is adopted to control the driving part and its work is reliable. The places where it touches with materials as well as its exterior are all made of stainless steel or such like polytetraflu
oroethylene etc. materials in accordance with sanitation standard, which conform to the requirements of GMP standard.
As regards the speed of counting and accuracy, it is in the lead among domestic products of the same kind.

Main parameters:

Specification of bottle
Specification of medicine
Motor power
Voltage of power
External dimensional


Height 55~100mm

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