Automatic open cup flash point tester

Automatic open cup flash point tester
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Automatic open cup flash point tester

Automatic opening flash point tester is based on ASTM D92, GB / T3536 standard "of petroleum products of flash and fire assay (Cleveland open cup method)" provides design and manufacture.

1, large-screen LCD, with full English operating software prompts;
2, with a test date, test time and other parameters are prompted;
3, automatically correct atmospheric pressure and calculate the correction value;
4, innovative introduction of imported XECOM US data processing chip, fast and accurate data processing;
5, automatic heating, automatic sweeping fire, automatic discrimination results automatically print the results;
6, automatically cut off the end of the experiment originated, to protect the safety of the laboratory;
7, circuit safety measures adopted Friend designed to avoid affecting current or voltage changes caused by the instrument;
Technical Parameters
1 Power supply: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
2, range: room temperature ~ 400 ℃;
3. Repeatability: ≤4 ℃
4, reproducibility: ≤6 ℃
5, the resolution of: 0.1 ℃
6, heating rate: in line with standard;
7, Ignition: electronic ignition, gas flame.
8, to adapt to the ambient temperature: 10-40 ℃
9, to adapt to the environment humidity: <85%
10.Total power consumption: less than 400W

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