Automatic high-temperature high-shear viscosity

Automatic high-temperature high-shear viscosity
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Automatic high-temperature high-shear viscosity

FDH-8461 Automatic high-temperature high-shear viscosity tester Scope Automatic high-temperature high-shear viscosity meter were measured and the apparent viscosity of the lubricant at high temperature and high shear rates the test principle is at 150 ℃ test conditions under nitrogen (carbon dioxide) pressure the sample from the capillary viscosity meter flow and pressure from the flow time of the sample obtained apparent shear rate capillary viscometer reaches a certain apparent viscosity with each pool viscometer calibration curve corresponding to the measured pressure of the oil viscosity. Features 1 high-temperature high-shear viscosity automatic analyzer for domestic initiative the key components used by the US CN accessories to ensure product quality; automatic high-temperature high-shear viscosity meter with digital display of pressure and time more intuitive controllable; 3 high-temperature high-shear viscosity automatic analyzer using Flanders dedicated high shear viscosity calculation software prompts easy to learn; 4 there is a stopcock automatic high temperature and high shear viscosity of each sample tube detector in line with the standard requirements; 5 automatic high-temperature high-shear viscosity analyzer configured with FTC circuit protection devices over-temperature automatically cut off power; Technical Parameters 1 applicable standards: ASTM D5481 SH/T0703 Heating mode: Electric rods heating 3 Temperature range: Room temperature ~ 150 ℃ 4 Viscosity range: 0.5-8mPa.s@150c 5 Control pressure range: 3.5kgf / cm ~ 35kgf / cm 6 Sample capacity: 10 ml 7 Pressure display: Digital pressure gauge 8 Time display: Digital timer 9 Results calculation: FRIEND’s dedicated calculation software

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