Ascabiol, Benzyl benzoate 120-51-4; FEMA: 2138

Ascabiol, Benzyl benzoate 120-51-4; FEMA: 2138
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Ascabiol, Benzyl benzoate 120-51-4; FEMA: 2138

FEMA: 2138
CAS :120-51-4
EINECS No. :204-402-9
MF: C14H12O2
MW: 212.25

Ascabiol, Benzyl benzoate 120-51-4; FEMA: 2138
Purity: 99-100.5% (chemical analysis)
Packing 200kg plastic barrel
Brand: Nanjian
(KOSHER Certificate)
Sale Specification:
Acidity (mg / gNaOH) <0.2
Refractive index (ηD20) 1.568-1.570
Melting point ≥ 17
Density (20 ℃) 1.118-1.222
Sulphate ash ≤ 0.1%
Benzyl chloride≤ 0.01%
Refractive index: 1.5686
Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid, low temperature for the leaf-shaped crystal. Flavor. With alcohol, ether and chloroform phase immiscibility; not dissolve in water and glycerin.
Usage deployment of Flavor. It can be used as cellulose, varnish and PVC, plasticizers, fine flavor preparation, whooping cough, asthma medicines for the treatment of scabies mite, anti-parasitic. Also can be used for musk incense agents and camphor substitutes

We are one of largest manufacturers of cinnamate series in China, main used as food additive, flavor and fragrance, intermediates, APIs and so on. Certificated by ISO9001:2008, KOSHER, and pre-REACH, registration.

We are Good quality,Reasonable and Competitive price, Effective service.
Thanks for your time, please Contact:
Mike Hu (Mr.)
Tel: +86-027-88323230 Fex: +86-027-88048077
Cell: +86-18627019450
ICQ: 629451923 Skype: mikehoo1980

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