Apollo 100 universal counter black star with cata

Apollo 100 universal counter black star with cata
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Apollo 100 universal counter black star with cata

This is a mains powered black star Apollo 100MHz universal counter timer. This frequency meter counter has a 8 digit red LED display and has a fairly versatile specification. Use as a spare bench frequency counter. BNC Input A: DC to 100MHz.price:$250

BNC Input B: DC to 2MHz.

BNC Internal/External Reference Oscillator.
Function: Time Interval, Period, Stop Watch, Count, Ratio, Frequency, RPM.

Gate: Ratio 1, 10, 100, 1000; Frequency 10mS, 100mS, 1S, 10S; RPM 60mS, 600mS, 6S, 60S.
Range: 10kHz, 100kHz, 10MHz, 100MHz, PSC, Lock.
Single Measure
Hold Off.
Trigger Level, Slope +ve or –ve.
Attenuation x1 or x10
Coupling AC, 50 ohm, DC or LPF.
item is only slightly used.

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